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Copying/Printing, Scanning, OCR, Bates Numbering,

FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY, Web Portals, Much More!

Printing Services of Nevada offers everything for your legal copy/print/scan needs from the simple to the complex. In the legal industry we know time is money. Because of this, we have created three tiers of pricing based on time and labor that will save us time to produce your job while saving you money. The pricing below in each tier may decrease per page depending on the quantity for each job.

If you have the need for these services on a regular basis throughout the year, ask us about creating a plan customized for you with special pricing, known as our Legal Print Program, that reflects the ongoing volume you have. Web Portals dedicated to you or your company are also available to give you more functionality and access to your files, securely and with a backup located on a separate server.

These tiers are

​1. Upload/Email Provided

2. Electronic Device Provided

3. Hard Copies Provided

4. Legal Print Program (contact us for more info)


Tier 1: Upload/Email Provided

This is where you will receive your best pricing and quickest turnaround. Simply upload your documents using our secure FTP server located on the File Upload page of this website or email your files to us. Please provide instructions when sending the files.

.12 per page for B/W

.54 per page for Color

.03 per page for OCR

.03 per page for Bates


Tier 2: Electronic Device Provided

When supplying electronic files physically on a CD/DVD, Thumb/Flash Drive, etc., you move to this tier of pricing as there is more labor involved to preflight and process the files from the provided media.

.13 per page for B/W

.56 per page for Color

.03 per page for OCR

.03 per page for Bates


Tier 3: Hard Copies Provided

Sometimes you do not have files that have been converted to be electronic in nature. In this case we have more manual labor. Therefore the cost again increases slightly to cover the time and labor to produce what you need, when you need it.

.15 per page for B/W

.60 per page for Color

.03 per page for OCR

.03 per page for Bates


Tier 4: Legal Print Program

For our valued clients who use us regularly, we can create special pricing for all or certain services that you will use. The Legal Print Program can be as simple as reduced pricing based on volume or can include a custom Web Portal and/or secure storage of all your files on servers located at our location. Contact us for more information.

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